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Fax: + 34 952 21 07 99
Timetable: from Mo to Fr
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Secretaries speak English, German, French, and Spanish
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General information for students who need a visa to enter Spain.

Inst. Picasso sends a letter of invitation to the student interested in coming to Spain, and this letter has to be presented at the Spanish Consulate or Embassy in his home country.

The steps to go in order to receive this letter of invitation are:

1. Ask for exact information in your consulate/embassy and for the perspectives/ probability to receive the visa.

Make sure that you fulfill all the requirements to obtain the visa. If there is only on detail missing, they can deny your visa, and you unnecessarily lose the amount of 120 Euros (for administrative expenses)

2. Send the enrolment form completed correctly.

3. We confirm your enrolment and give you the options for payment.

4. You have to pay the total course fee, the enrolment fee and the booking fee for accommodation by transfer to the bank account of Inst. Picasso.

5. Once we receive the pre-payment, either by transfer or credit card (visa, master), we are sending the official letter of invitation you have to present at the consulate/embassy of you country.

6. This letter can be sent by ordinary letter or messenger service TNT


If you are denied the visa, the Picasso Institute returns the transferred amount deducting 120 Euros for administrative expenses. The student pays the expenses for bank commissions. It is indispensable to send a copy of the visa denial.

Cancellation/abandonment: This has to be communicated 4 weeks before the course begins (date stamp). If this deadline is not surpassed, the deposit will be returned except 120 € (in terms of administration fees). Once passed this deadline there is no re-imbursement.

If you leave the course once it has started or the accommodation once you have lived in it, you are not entitled to any refund.


Please make sure that you only transfer the required amount of the total payment for the course plus enrolment fee plus booking fee for accommodation, if you are sure that the General Consulate of Spain, or Spanish Embassy are willing to receive you, and to accept your application, and if you are sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements for the visa application.

You can only apply for a visa in the General Consulate or Embassy of Spain of your home country, but if you are abroad for some reason, you either have to return to your home country, or if you have a student visa type D multiple for the European Union, you have to extend it, before it expires.

We insist on asking for this, because some of our prospective students have recently experienced the denial of their visa, eg. for not proving sufficient economic resources, or for not stating the reason and target for studying abroad clearly enough, or for not being a citizen of the country where they went to the General Consulate to hand in their application. If you receive the denial you have to send a fax copy or scanned copy attached to an email to us, and the we can pass on to the re-imbursement of the total amount discounting the enrolment fee (120 Euros), the expenses for the transfer and, if it was the case, the messenger services (40-50 Euros) for sending the invitation letter.